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Game Reviewed metroid: guardians, by percy
Review Author ronny14
Created Oct 2 2010, 3:27 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This game is really, low standard and REALLY had to enjoy. The movement is lazy and terrible, and it was easy to tell the developer was just russhing to get something on the site. (Able to tell about his excitement about download count)
Pros The MZM Graphics, OK Sounds.
Cons Choppy Movement, graphics run too fast, sound sounds compressed and choppy terrible controls, terrible engine, absolutely no form of recovery time, 2 direction aiming, a different button for everything, controls don't feel natural.
2 / 10
Extremely weak. It always feels like the game is going to break down. You get stuck everywhere due to bad collison detection. The controls butcher gameplay even more, they are spread out and every little thing has a different button.
2 / 10
Badly assembled sprites jump around everywhere. They are incomplete and are not well animated, and they are severly butchered. The lazy developer didn't bother to have the amount of animations supplied.
5 / 10
Some badly compressed MZM sounds that bloat the filesize.
1 / 10
I would not play this again, as it is already barely playable.
Final Words
2 / 10
The game is choppy and poorly designed. It is easy to notice the developer just wanted to submit something REALLY, really bad.

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