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Fusion music Part 1 By: KillPanzer [E] [W]
My first Music rip. Kinda rough around some esges, but hey...

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[O] Created: May 24 2008, 11:16 PM
[O] Updated: Never
[O] File Size: 6.17MB
[O] Views: 10434
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SR398 Aug 28 2009, 2:09 PM
THX MAN This music ROX
pyromaniac Feb 27 2010, 5:57 PM
awesome! i'm making a remix of sector1's theme and the chozo guide theme... but I don't have the chozo guide theme.could you rip it?
Jax0 Jul 21 2010, 7:58 AM
Just downloaded it. It is good but at the beginning of Sector 1, you can hear the Nav room's text. :)
Ravenpaw Sep 2 2010, 4:15 PM
Wow.I'm suprised,This is really good.I love Fusion,So why not its music and sounds?
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