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Camera Engine By: Shrander
Have you ever wanted to have a camera system similar to the ones off of metroid? I made this from scratch and used no tutorials, so nobody can say I stole it from them. It works by having the camera follow an object, and that object follows the main character's x axis position, but to certain boundaries, that way you can't veiw through the wall into the next room, until you actually get there. It uses a counter to make sure certain events are only active, when you are in certain rooms. I also added room transitions just a bit ago....and this system only adds 2 extra active objects per room....

Shift- Jump
Left Arrow Key- Move Left
Right Arrow Key- Move Right
1- Make camera objects dissapear
2- Make Camera Objects appear

For movement I just used the basic built in platform movement, and just used basic sprites....but this is for the camera system, not sprites or character movement.

If you can find any bugs, or messups in the camera system, let me know.
Target Applications: TGF

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AlexR Apr 27 2009, 2:05 AM
god i wish this was for game maker =[
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