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Metroid Invaders
By: Super_Sonic119
A simplistic Space Invaders clone.
Completion: Full Game Genre: Minigame

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[O] Created: Aug 22 2006, 3:55 PM
[O] Updated: Never
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SMB Madman Jul 13 2007, 10:47 PM
Uh...you have to shoot da metroids as always.
dark_angel Jan 4 2009, 7:02 PM
well... another good idea for MY game... thanks
maybe i'll make something like it with a lvl up
menu and missiles and stuff... if I want to =P
just i made a game called NEON on game maker
has LVL up stuff and all that
so i have the idea of what to do now
mutantfish Apr 10 2011, 9:07 PM
my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry about that good but not best game bugsssss!! o ) 0 )
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