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Metroid: Secrets By: AlexR [W]
Metroid abortion 2 now with loops, new bosses, missiles (shift to activate. you need to use missiles to be able to kill the bosses). you get missiles when you kill normal metroids. still made with 1 object
Downloads: 3602 Comments: 3 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 08/18/10 Updated: 08/20/10
Metroid Zero By: AlexR [W]
Metroid Zero is a metroid 1 style game in which you
got a load of extensive new features,
such as moon walking, talking to other characters,
getting more powerups, a password system (justin bailey works)
all beams, a minimap, etc.
Downloads: 6035 Comments: 10 [NEW] Score: 9 / 10
Added: 08/18/10
metroid: guardians By: percy [E]
with some exploration.
there is at least one power up in each area. have fun finding them all. i hid most of them very well
read the readme
Downloads: 2214 Comments: 24 [NEW] Score: 2.5 / 10
Added: 08/04/10 Updated: 08/04/10
Gentrieve By: phr00t [W]
Gentrieve is a fully featured "Super Metroid"-inspired game. All levels are automatically generated and customizable. This game is regularly updated, so check the site often:

EDIT: Due ...
Downloads: 1 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 06/10/10
Metroid: Abortion By: AlexR [W]
made with one object in game maker; demake to Zas's minigame.
updated info:
the quality is terrible. it is supposed to be, because i tried to use only 5 colors and nes limitations. programming wise, i was very limited to what i can do, ...
Downloads: 1208 Comments: 5 [NEW] Score: 9 / 10
Added: 05/16/10
Metroid Comcial Demo 1 By: ronny14 [E]
This demo is not part of the final game*

Samus has decided to train on an abandoned space pirate planet known as planet D3M0.

WARNING- U"nzip the file or the music won't load and you'll have to close the ...
Downloads: 4144 Comments: 23 [NEW] Score: 7 / 10
Added: 06/24/09
Super Metroid Shooter By: fiDumppi [W]
My second Metroid-game ever. You shoot metroids in it.
Click How To Play for controls and other info.
Downloads: 2186 Comments: 5 [NEW] Score: 6 / 10
Added: 05/29/09
Metroid Labyrinth By: RetroX [E]
Originally made for the Summer Fangame Compo when my computer unexpectedly crashed and I was unable to finish it.

X - Shoot/Lay Bomb
Z - Jump
C - Fire Flare

Friction Boots (Allows Wall Jumping)
Downloads: 2476 Comments: 24 [NEW] Score: 7 / 10
Added: 10/09/08
Pirate Metroid Demo By: ronny14 [E]
A demo to game I'm not making anymore. Credits Below
Samus+ Enemies+ Tiles= wild9800
Ship+ Doors= KillPanzer
Upgrades= PrinceRana & Thunder Dragon
Zazabi= ShadeKirby
Phantoon= RacoonSam
Please tell me if anythings wrong. ...
Downloads: 2794 Comments: 33 [NEW] Score: 3 / 10
Added: 07/31/08
no name metroid game By: tonberry
this is my first submition to a site so it may suck but o well.I had a sad problem though that makes it kinda bad,
I made the whole game in one room so i didnt have enough space for enemys with out glitching(may glitch and be slugish on old computers)if ...
Downloads: 2024 Comments: 28 [NEW] Score: 7 / 10
Added: 07/21/08
Unnamed By: Chaoswalker [W]
I made this game only because I saw the computer screen/ship inside sprites. In this demo is the first level and boss. Press "a" and "d" to go left and right. Press "q","w", and "e" to switch weapons, ...
Downloads: 1973 Comments: 27 [NEW] Score: 4.5 / 10
Added: 06/27/08
Metroid Tetris By: DizzyDoo
Metroid Tetris is a Metroid themed Tetris clone.


• Online Highscore Board! Can you knock me off the top?
• Original musical score! My brother kindly recorded the Tetris theme in a spooky Metroid style
• ...
Downloads: 2220 Comments: 19 [NEW] Score: 9.7 / 10
Added: 06/14/08
Metroid Maze By: Kain [E]
The very first game I made (back in 2003). Newly edited with Metroid graphics so I had something to submit. It's a simple not-so-simple puzzle game.
Downloads: 2747 Comments: 14 [NEW] Score: 5 / 10
Added: 10/02/06
Thumbnail Unavailable
Nakiti Generations By: Diablohead
A very Metroid-y game starring a young heroine out to stop space monsters!
Downloads: 10824 Comments: 12 [NEW] Score: 8.3 / 10
Added: 08/22/06
Thumbnail Unavailable
Metroid Super Egg Hunt By: wild8900 [W]
A complete remake of Metroid Egg Hunt.
Downloads: 11805 Comments: 16 [NEW] Score: 4.7 / 10
Added: 08/22/06
Thumbnail Unavailable
Metroid Egg Hunt By: Anti-Ware
A very basic and simplistic Metroid fan game. A gamepad or joystick IS REQUIRED to play!
Downloads: 1940 Comments: 6 [NEW] Score: 4 / 10
Added: 08/22/06
Thumbnail Unavailable
Metroid Invaders By: Super_Sonic119
A simplistic Space Invaders clone.
Downloads: 2349 Comments: 3 [NEW] Score: 3 / 10
Added: 08/22/06
Thumbnail Unavailable
Destranoid By: KNPMASTER
An old Metroid fangame.
Downloads: 3149 Comments: 16 [NEW] Score: 5 / 10
Added: 08/22/06
Thumbnail Unavailable
Metroid Online By: Dragon XVI
This is the original online multiplayer Metroid game!
Downloads: 8363 Comments: 30 [NEW] Score: 6.5 / 10
Added: 08/22/06
Thumbnail Unavailable
Super Metroid Classic By: SaltyJustice
A complete remake of the Super Metroid engine!

Please note that this may be an outdated build.
Downloads: 7540 Comments: 18 [NEW] Score: 7 / 10
Added: 08/22/06
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