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Techokami Going into Archive Mode Sep 15 2011, 10:35 PM
User Icon Well... there really isn't much activity on the site and forums for the longest time now, and the remaining active staff have come to a consensus that it's time to let it go. So on September 30th, 2011, M:FM will be closing down into an archive state. This means that, while you will still be able to see all content on the site, and access your private messages, you won't be able to submit or update content, nor will you be able to send private messages, post comments, or register new accounts. The forums may be up for a bit longer, until they are also put into a similar state. As such, I apologise to the 5 people left that actually come here.
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RetroX Nintendo Community Fangame Convention Oct 3 2010, 6:32 PM
User Icon http://nintendocfc.com/

It's that time of year again! I haven't heard too much about what's happening on the event this year, but it's supposed to be a good one! There will be booths for the various games as well as workshops like last year.

NCFC is an event where people get the opportunity to showcase their fangames, and there's a few added bonuses, such as IRC workshops and a live radio show! I hope to see a lot from you guys this year!


On another note, the how-to queue is temporarily paused. The remainder of the submissions require GM Pro, which neither me nor Techokami have at the current point in time. It would be extremely helpful if people who submit how-tos that require GM Pro could include an EXE along with the program so that I can test it. The people that currently have submissions in the queue are:
- AlexR
- Metroid Recon
- ventinus

Some of these submissions are really old, and I apologise for not getting to them sooner. Of course, right now, we can't, but we'll find some way to look into them.
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RetroX What? Oct 3 2010, 3:42 PM
User Icon You've actually been submitting stuff? I'm impressed.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Metroid: Secrets
[Action] By AlexR
Metroid abortion 2 now with loops, new bosses, missiles (shift to activate. you need to use missiles ...
Thumbnail Metroid Zero
[Adventure] By AlexR
Metroid Zero is a metroid 1 style game in which you
got a load of extensive new features,
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
BSL Reasearcher By SuperMetroidFan
Metroid Master Tileset By ronny14
top down samus By iggi
Manual Art Metroids By ProtoTroid-11
Custom NES Samus By DarkOOne2345
Metroid other m pickups By novatroid99
Sounds, Music
Phendrana Drifts By lDGlHax0r
Lower Brinstar (ZX Remix) By zachtroid

I should pay more attention.

On another note, I'll do the How-tos queue later.
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RetroX News Flash Jun 30 2010, 1:56 PM
User Icon

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Gentrieve
[Action] By phr00t
Gentrieve is a fully featured "Super Metroid"-inspired game. All levels are automatically ...
Sounds, Music
SharQueDo - Brinstrance By SharQueDo
SharQueDo - Brinstar Gardens By SharQueDo
SharQueDo - Brinst00r By SharQueDo
SharQueDo - Norfair Deathmatch (unf) By SharQueDo
SharQueDo - Norfair Ruins (unf) By SharQueDo

This is important enough.
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RetroX You guys complain too much. Jun 5 2010, 3:39 PM
User Icon You don't submit things often enough for an update every week, yet you insist on having it.

Recent Additions

Not like I would do it, anyways. :P
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Shadowman NCFC 2009 Jul 14 2009, 7:10 AM
No Icon Just wanted to let everyone know that NCFC is back again this year! There's been a total change-up in management, and MetroidMaster1914 from Metroid Headquarters is the new "Director" of sorts for the event. Yoshiman and I are now "Producers," making sure the wheels keep turning and that things get done on time.

The shakeup's made some huge and awesome changes. Check out the new website here: http://nintendocfc.com/

For those who don't know, NCFC is an online convention-style event where fangame creators can come together and share their projects. Metroid had a pretty strong showing last year, so let's do it again!

Registrations and event information aren't online yet. There'll be another update when the time comes.

TechEDIT: Oh yeah, here's the rest of that update.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail metroid dawn demo 1
[Adventure] By bydolord
a fan made continuation of metroid fusion,uses phazonyoshis TEfinal engine which can be found here: ...
Thumbnail Metroid Comcial Demo 1
[Adventure] By ronny14
This demo is not part of the final game*

Samus has decided to train on an abandoned ...
Thumbnail Super Metroid Shooter
[Minigame] By fiDumppi
My second Metroid-game ever. You shoot metroids in it.
Click How To Play for controls and other ...
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
Kraid Tileset By x TH3ROCK3R x
re-colorized M2 plant enemy By AlexR
SMey M1 Enemies By ronny14
Metroid 2 reshaded "Tsumuri" By AlexR
metroid missile tip edited By AlexR

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