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1) DO NOT STEAL SPRITES. You'll only get banned.
2) Do not submit single-frame sprites. Remember: we don't host sprites for making crappy sprite comics, we host sprites to be used in fan game creation, and that means you need animation!
3) If your sprite is in a sheet format, leave ample spacing between each frame!
4) If your sprite is in a sheet format, make sure you use a PNG format! GIFs are okay if there is no dithering. BMPs and JPEGs are forbidden and will result in a declined entry.
5) If your sprite is in a CnC/TGF/MMF format, make sure you don't have fluff content (sounds, MIDIs, intro frames)
6) If your sprite is in a CnC/TGF/MMF format, make sure your hot spots are correctly positioned!

1) Do not submit an engine test.
2) Do not submit something that appears to have been made by some three-year-old. Make it good! Good games take a long time to create.
3) Be considerate of people that don't own powerful gaming computers: no super-huge resolutions, no giant MP3 files, no levels saturated in CPU-intensive effects.

1) Your tutorial should demonstrate how to do something not normally featured in a game creation engine. Like, making a Metroid-styled camera engine!
2) Your tutorial should be fully commented and documented.
3) Your tutorial should be stable.

Other Files
1) Sounds submitted must be of the following formats: IT, MIDI, WAV, XM. We will not accept anything else.
2) All miscellaneous files must have a purpose for game creation or running a game. Nothing pointless like cheap screensavers or media players, please.

Failure to comply with the above rules may result in you being banned from Metroid: Fan Mission!

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